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Obec Jarovnice

Obec Jarovnice


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Municipality of Jarovnice 

Municipal Office:

Obecný úrad Jarovnice
Jarovnice 223
082 63 Jarovnice

Company identification number (IČO): 00327212

Autonomous region of: Prešovský 
District: Sabinov 
Region: Sabinov 
Number of inhabitants: 7211 
Area: 2017 ha
First written records: in the year 1260

General information: info@jarovnice.sk
Registry: podatelna@jarovnice.sk
Mayor: starosta@jarovnice.sk 
Information on website content: admin@jarovnice.sk

Tel.: +421 (940) 624 976

Email: sekretariat@jarovnice.sk

The Municipality of Jarovnice is an independent territorial, autonomous and administrative unit of the Slovak Republic, exercising its autonomous competence independently (Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 369/1990 Coll. on Municipal Establishment). 

The seat of the Construction Authority for the Municipality of Jarovnice at the Municipal Office in: Jarovnice


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Jarovnice is located in the Šarišská vrchovina, within the valley of the Malá Svinka stream. The area has been inhabited since the Neolithic period, and Slavic grave findings have been mentioned in its history. The village was first mentioned in written records dating back to 1260. In the early 14th century, it consisted of two separate settlements known as Vyšné and Nižné Jarovnice, which later merged in the 15th century. The village was under the ownership of various noble families. The most significant structure throughout its existence has been the Roman Catholic church in Jarovnice, which was reconstructed in the Renaissance style in 1524. It underwent substantial expansion during the 18th century.